For the last 30 years I have had what seemed like ME and mufti chemical sensitivity. I have spent tens of thousands of pounds in private clinics and with all kinds of Doctors and never got better.

It took Lisa a few months to make a big change in my health and then when the change began it was rapid and wonderful. I stopped coughing and began to gain strength and energy and to feel WELL!!! Something I had forgotten the meaning of.

I now have a new house and garden and am delighting in gardening . I am in my mid 70 s .

I've had a good summer keeping going most of the time being maniacal in the garden!  The real blue-meanie-horror of ME has been gone for 2 years now.  I'm mentally fine and full of energy. I am delighted.

Lisa has found what was wrong and given me solutions that no one else ever has. I highly recommend working with her.


Lisa Jennings was the guiding light during my darkest time.  After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2013 I was in terrible pain, emotionally distraught and that's when a friend recommended Lisa to me.

Despite Lisa being half way around the world she was quick to respond, was able to connect with me on a personal level and help to put together a plan to get me better using tools and techniques I could do myself.

I can happily say that Lisa helped me to get healthy again and has provided me with tools I can use for the rest of my life.

I can't thank Lisa enough for her support and  for sharing her incredible knowledge of health and wellness with me.

M Smith

When I first met Lisa I ask her for help for my adult daughter who had never been well and was said to have ME. Each one of us had a really different set of symptoms ranging from stomach pain, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, even depression.

It took Lisa only 30 minutes of the first consultation to tell her she was celiac and to start to get her life long health problems sorted.. That was about 6 years ago now.

4 of us from age 3 to 75 have all had total and dramatic improvements in our health after working with Lisa .We are well and strong.

She is wonderful to work with…full of knowledge that works .

None of us ever really knew before what feeling great was like. Now we do and we are so grateful. 

When i first met Lisa over a year ago I was having severe sleeping problems and feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Lisa showed great empathy with my situation and she  suggested supplements that would be likely to help.  I had several sessions with Lisa as the supplements were introduced and changed as my situation improved. Lisa also  explained why having a few minutes rest every 3 hours would help- as indeed it did! My life has changed considerably thanks to Lisa and

I would highly recommend her.